Radka Muchova

Experience: 10+ years

Expertise: education, project & process management

Background: Radka is an experienced project and process manager with background in linguistics. She was active as a consultant in the field of vocational education and training and tertiary education. Radka has also experience in managing international relationships in academic sector and managing internal processes in corporate sector. Currently, she works as a project manager at Channel Crossings and is responsible for the overall managing of the Youth Impact partner consortium.


Tereza Palkova

Experience: 15+ years

Expertise: education and its methodology and didactics, project management, active citizenship of young people, experiential learning method

Background: Tereza is an experienced project manager with extensive teaching experience. She studied philology and has the qualification for teaching at secondary schools. She specializes in the development of young people’s active citizenship with the help of new media and experiential learning method (ExL). She has been the editor and co-author of several comprehensive methodological manuals and DVDs for schools and has also experience in team management. She has led several large-scale educational projects with a nationwide impact for prominent Czech non-profit organizations.

Silke Steinberg

Silke Steinberg

Experience: 25+ years

Expertise: transcultural communication, co-creative development of services and processes

Background: Silke is founding member of FIAP and since 2013 part of the managing board. Before she led an institute for intercultural competence development for 17 years. Since 2010 Silke coordinates FIAP activities and projects regarding employment, entrepreneurship and education. FIAP works with a co-creative, systemic approach in all its projects. Within the Youth Impact projects she is responsible for designing the research activities and service models regarding impact evaluation.

Romina Große

Romina Große

Experience: 4+ years

Expertise: human resource, organisational and service development, internationalisation

Background: Romina works as a research assistant and project manager at FIAP e.V. She has been active in several national and international research and development projects to improve career path planning, biography management and the development of innovative educational opportunities. In the framework of the Youth Impact project, she will contribute to research activities focused on impact evaluation.

Slawomir Nalecz

Slawomir Nalecz

Experience: 20+ years

Expertise: civil society organisations, social economy, methodology of social research

Background: Slawek is a team leader and researcher with scientific background in sociology and works with FSLD. His has a sound experience of working in different institutions such as Polish Academy of Sciences (assistant professor), Central Statistical Office (deputy director of a department), associations (vice-president), foundations (research coordinator), a non-profit university (lecturer). He took part in many national and international projects, mostly research ones, but also of the evaluative nature.

Robert Miskuf

Robert Miskuf

Experience: 10+ years

Expertise: entrepreneurship, business support, tenders, internationalisation, employment

Background: Robert is the CEO at PEDAL Consulting and founder of Tenderio, a service helping to search & bid for business opportunities abroad. Today, PEDAL Consulting is the top Horizon 2020 performer in Slovakia. It is a team of experienced professionals providing expertise in area of international public procurement, grants and internationalization. PEDAL Consulting has become a well-established player in the field of youth entrepreneurship.


Pavla Araudo

Experience: 5+ years

Expertise: social media and communication, graphic design, web and e-learning management

Background: Pavla focuses mainly on social sciences and sensitive communication, with a particular expertise in the area of equal opportunities and inclusive working environment. In Youth Impact, Pavla is taking care of web and communication, prepares project documents available to public  – such as Toolkits – and also manages e-learning.

Federica Torcoli

Federica Torcoli

Experience: 10+ years

Expertise: project management, communication, administration and comparative analysis

Background: Federica is a consultant at PEDAL Consulting. She conducts searches for partners and business opportunities via international tenders, implements EU funded projects and organises workshops and training seminars. Federica as an extensive working experience in the field of business communication and event organizing. In the framework of this project Federica will act as an administrator and researcher.


Zofia Penza-Gabler

Experience: 5+ years

Expertise: qualitative research, project management, communication

Background: Zofia is a research and analysis specialist in FSDL, with background in sociology and cultural studies. She has been involved in more than 10 research projects concerning local and regional public policies, both as a researcher/evaluator and as a coordinator. Zofia has also experience in communication and popularization of scientific knowledge. In the framework of the Youth Impact project, she will contribute to research activities.


Elżbieta Płaszczyk

Experience: 25+years

Expertise: international cooperation, project management, social exclusion

Background: Elżbieta is international relations and project coordinator at the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy, former director of the FSLD regional branch in Lodz. Experienced project manager (25 years of professional experience, 20 successful projects) responsible for preparation, coordination, realisation and supervision of international and domestic projects (Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, ESF, FAMI, ERASMUS+). Co-author and coordinator of inclusion projects for migrants and asylum seekers financed from European Refugee Fund, ERASMUS+ and ESF. Co-author and project consortium facilitator of projects devoted to vulnerable social groups. Member of the City of Lodz Committee for Dialog and Equality. In Youth Impact responsible for coordination of the activities.


Ewa Pintera

Experience: 10+ years

Expertise: project management, evaluation, development and humanitarian assistance 

Background: Ewa is project coordinator in FSDL. She graduated faculty of Cooperation and Development at University of Pavia (Italy) and Postgraduate Studies    Evaluation of EU-Programmes in Warsaw (Poland). She has an extensive experience in project coordination in non-governmental organization working in the area of development and humanitarian aid and as Monitoring&Evaluation Consultant. In the framework of this project Ewa will be responsible for dissemination activities and coordination of international research network.


Katarzyna Zakroczymska

Experience: +25lat

Expertise: education, democratization, development cooperation, evaluation 

Background: Sociologist, teacher and youth trainer, has been professionally involved in citizenship and human rights  education at local, national and international levels since 1997. Engaged in evaluation matters, particularly in educational  and development aid programs. Recently connected with development cooperation issues, especially focused on democratisation and transformation processes (mainly Eastern Partnership counties). From 2011 to 2017 worked as a Member of the Board (Vice President)of SolidarityFund PL. Actually Program Director of the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy.


We are a team of four organisations from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Germany. Together we bring expertise and enthusiasm to promote impact evaluation and build capacities of NGOs, public as well as private organisations that support young people to succeed on the labour market

Channel Crossings

Channel Crossings has been active in the field of quality improving of language education for over 25 years. The project team dedicated more than twelve years to implementing socially beneficial educational projects across all age groups, promoting flexible forms of employment and supporting equal opportunities. Our vision is share our experience in the field of designing, managing and evaluating the impact of national and international projects further and initiate creation of a multinational network of enthusiasts in impact evaluation.

Foundation in Support of Local Democracy

FSLD is the largest non-governmental organization in Poland which supports the development of local governance for 30 years. At present the Foundation has a network of 13 regional centers with 2 local branches. FSLD brings to the project its vast experience in supporting and developing employment services and building partnerships across all sectors.

PEDAL Consulting

PEDAL is a consulting company that offers a broad portfolio of business development and support services. Among other activities, PEDAL is also acting as a business incubator specializing in the support of startups. PEDAL’s core business includes consulting on grants, public tenders and internationalization. PEDAL’s  contribution to the project lies in its experience in the field of impact evaluation of entrepreneurship support projects.


FIAP is a non-profit research institute for innovative and preventive job design. It was founded by a group of scientists from different disciplines who are connected by the questions and problems of a modern working environment. The institute carries out interdisciplinary research projects to investigate fundamental and applied problems in the field of job design and prevention and brings its experience in the field of impact evaluation research.